At Maison Wessman we believe in the importance of beginnings.

That is why we have created Petit Cernin Blanc, a delightfully vibrant wine for those who think every day is worth celebrating.

Petit Cernin Blanc is composed of manually harvested 100% Chardonnay grapes cultivated at an altitude of around 350 meters in the Pyrénées. It expresses the perfect balance between the richness of Oceanic terroir’s wines and the freshness of wines from Haute Vallée terroir. It is vinified exclusively in oak barrels for a minimum of 7 months and carefully stirred every 15 days.

Imminently pleasurable and immediately gratifying, it is an engaging introduction to our wines and the start of what we hope will be a long journey with us.


Petit Cernin Blanc shows up in a beautiful bright yellow colour.

It has surprisingly powerful aromas.

Undoubtedly pure Chardonnay, Petit Cernin Blanc is a real explosion of elegant fragrances of exotic fruits and white flowers completed with toasty and creamy notes. The palate is extremely well balanced, bold and fresh with pretty woody hints. Its citrusy but lush finish is just a call for the next sip.